Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flowers In A Basket & A Bird

I am stiching this as a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine.
Something is blooming in a basket.. :)
All stiched up, next is the back stiches...

ooo chirp chirp chirp
my lovely bird is done...
Happy stiching,

Monday, January 21, 2013

B is for Batman

B is for Batman
a comic book superhero created by
artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

Completed : 20th Jan 2013
Design by : weelittlestiches

2 stiched, 24 more to go..


A is for Aquaman

A is for Aquaman
I have stiched the letter "A".
1 down, 25 more alphabet to go.

Completed : 19th Jan 2013
Design by : weelittlestiches


Aquaman in comic.

Actually I am not familiar about Aquaman.. :P
so I googled and found it in wikipedia instead.

Aquaman (nicknamed the King of the Seven Seas)
 is a superhero that stars in many comic book titles by DC Comics.
Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.
A member of Justice League of America.


Happy New Year

I think it's still not to late to wish
everyone visiting my blog
Wow!!! Time sure flies..
My 2 sons are in primary school this year :

Amin ~ Standard 3

Hakim ~ Standard 1

Aleem is still in kindergarten..his final year. :)

This is a drawing from Aleem. I think it is soo funny..
too much of "wreck it ralph"  I think. :P

My 2013 Stiching Resolution: Tadaaaa

1) To finish up Winter Cat (umph..I'm such a procastinator)
2) Finish up stiching "Thor" (erk..Hakim been waiting patiently.. sorry)
3) Starting the superheroes alphabet..(hihi..can't wait)