Monday, August 19, 2013

Salam Aidifitri & Stitching Update

Hi! I think its not too late
to wish all Muslims
"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri".
I have been on hiatus mode for soo long,
with the Raya holidays that coincides with the school break for 2 weeks..
my family went back to Terengganu to celebrate Raya.
Our Raya 2013 Family Photo
~ No theme colour this year ~
I did managed to do some stitching on my Home#2.
Photos updates :-
Finished teapot
After finishing the teapot, then I realises that
the polkadots where in different thread number.
I had to re-do back all of the polkadots. Erk.
Done with Part#1, just need to backstitch.
I am now starting with Part#2,
but keeps on getting confuse with the chart as
there are so many whites. I had to re-do
again and again, and sometimes just gave up stitching
for the day. :(
And lately I feel very tired and fatigue.
I also gained weight despite of me doing crunches/sit ups everyday..hehe.
Blame it on the Raya cookies and foods galore during Raya visiting ...
but actually I found out that
I'm pregnant!!
A good news for this Raya, everyone is ecstatic.
Maybe a girl this time??? LOL
Hoping to gain more energy these few days,
sleeping is all I want to do now. zzzzzz
Wishing you all "Happy Stitching".
I didn't managed to joined in IHSW this month,
sure is a bliss reading fellow cross-stitcher's with their
projects & crafts.
Till then....
Best regards,