Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IHSW Oct'13

It was IHSW Oct'13 last week (18th - 20th Oct).
I managed to do some stitching in between of doing
laundry, sending the kids to their piano class,
cleaning the house and etc etc...
I stitched up another 3 little monster on the bib.
Little baby is still in mum's (Adah) tummy, we are all
waiting for him to come out soon.
I am also waiting for the name of the baby, then I can stitched
up his name on the bib.
Also, I have received an order from my lil sis Ida.
She wanted me to stitch a wedding gift for her friend.
Actually she wanted me to stitched 2 loving couple cats,
but I can't find any charts with cats but bears instead.
My lovely fb friend Huey, have given me the chart and
I am in the midst of stitching it.
Dateline is on the 1st week of Nov. Yikes!!
As for my Home#2 ?? No progress so far.
I am still at the 2nd page, still stuck at the teacup.
There are too many whites, and I got fed up stitching it.
I think I need a breather from it.
Have to gear up on my momentum back to finish it. ;p
The dateline have been postponed to the end of Dec.
Well, hope all of you had a great IHSW this month.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stitching Baby's Gear

This year a baby boy would be
coming to the world.
Oh it's not mine, but my SIL "Adah".
It's her 1st baby and clock is ticking anytime soon.
I wanted to give her something special for the baby.
A stitched "something" would be nice.
I saw a few stitched bib/ burp cloth in some blogs and in facebook.
I wanted to do the same but can't find where to buy the bibs.
Eventually, I contacted my fb friend "Huey" as she had stitched one before.
She gladly gave me one of the bibs from her stash.
Yay!! So, the package came last Saturday, and to my
delight she also enclosed a pink 25ct aida cloth.
Oh how darling Huey is. Thanks Huey!!
A blue bib with 14ct aida cloth.

A very Pink 25ct aida cloth.
I started browsing some designs on baby boys charts to stitched on the bib.
But all looks so babyish. I wanted something funny and cute.
So I decided to stitched these little funny looking monsters instead.
It reminds me of Cookie Monster from Sesame Streets. Haha...

From CrossStitcher Vol Jan 2013 - Issue 261

The 1st Little Monster that I have stitched so far..

Will update soon on the final product.

Happy stitching,