Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IHSW ~ Jan 2014

1st IHSW for the year.
I started back on my long toss away "Superheroes Alphabet".
I've stitched an alphabet a day, so I had 3 superheroes this IHSW.
Am glad to show off my piece. :)

K ~ Kilowog
L ~ Logan
M ~ Martian Manhunter
13 done, 13 more to go.
Happy stitching,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

11 years 1 month

As today is the 21st January, I just
realised that I had been married with hubby dear
for 11 years and 1 month.
Dear Hubby, hope our marriage will last forever till Jannah.
This piece I had done since our dating time, sometime in year 1999.
Do we look different or still the same?

December 2013 Highlights ~ Throwback

Hi All. Been in hiatus mode for sooo long.
Hope all is well with the beginning of the year. Me, I am super-duper
busy with work and family.
Need to update on the last month of December 2013.
#1 ~ My 3 elder boys had their circumcision done.
Amin when smoothly, Hakim cried a bit while
Aleem was whailing in the doctor's room.
He had to go out of the room to get a breather
and encouragement before returning again for the surgery.
Before the surgery. All Happy smiles.

After surgery. All sound asleep.

Hashim mimicking his brothers. Haha..

#2 ~ My anniversary with hubby dear on the 21st Dec.
We decided to go on a vacation to Avillion Port Dickson
with the kids as they had healed.

Lil Hashim enjoying his holiday.

Our room was above the sea.

#3 ~ Aleem started primary one on the 30th Dec.

Aleem with his school uniform. My boy has totally grown, sob sob.

Year 2013 has its ups and down for me. Hope to have a better year in 2014.




2014 is here. A very Belated New Year to All of you.
Will continue with new updates soon.
Take care,