Monday, June 24, 2013

IHSW June 2013 Update

Here we are again for IHSW
and already halfway thru the year.
Time surely flies.
My 1st project I did was for the
"Blogversary Exchange" with my fellow
MSlovers group blog.
I was to sent my finished crosstitch with 4 gifts to Noni
of Stiching Noni from Australia.
I can't show my finished project yet until Noni received
my parcel I sent her. I'm planning to sent out
my parcel by this week. Just need to add in some more
gifts to her. Super excited as this is my very first exchange that I have entered.
I will update later on.
My 2nd project is the "Superheroes Alphabet".
My last update was until "F ~ Flash".
I stitched "G ~ Green Lantern", "H ~ Hulk" and Ironman.
I ran out of the grey thread, that's why I didn't finish the letter "I".
Looking good so far.
It's been super hazy here in Malaysia,
so stay indoors and drink more water.
The more excuse to stitch I perhaps. hihi...
Till next post, Happy Stitching.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Visit to the National Art Gallery & Kite Sightings

My hubby (Ali) brought us to
The National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur
for a surprise..
His painting was placed in
the front lobby of the gallery.
Us in front of his painting.. titled : "Festival".

Yesterday, we went Kite Sightings
nearby our area.
There were various types of kites flying.
In this picture, the 2 large ones are Giant Octopus (orange & stripes)..
but I can't make out what is the purple & blue thing.

It was a great time enjoying the kites.
The best part was when there was no wind,
and the kites especially the Giant Octopus fell to the ground.
My kids went running to have a touch of it!! Even Hashim too..
hilarious sight.

Don't they look like a boy band on a cover album? hehehe...

Happy school holidays everyone!!