Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amin and Cross Stiching

Kids will always be curious.
Amin too.. has been bugging me to teach him cross stiching.
Haha..yes, Amin.
So, yesterday I gave him some extra cross stich cloth,
some pattern to choose.. and he was ready
and very eager to learn.
Cloth, threads, hoop & pattern all set
Amin chose to stich a "Watermelon"..
First attempt in putting in the thread thru the needle.. :)

 Looking good.. Amin has talent

I mark the cloth with white color pencil, so that Amin knows where to stich.

Five minutes of stiching, here's the result

Not bad.

After 10 minutes, Amin gave up and only finished this lot.
Amin said he's tired and will continue

Good work for a 1st timer.. don't you think.



Monday, October 29, 2012

Keychain Gifts

Schools are getting to the end..
For Amin, his school holidays starts on the
10th Nov '12 till end of Dec
As for Hakim & Aleem.. theirs would be on 15th Dec '12 
Hakim will graduate from pre-school this year..
(Oh my boy is going to Standard One next year..How time flies..)
As an appreciation to his teachers..for guiding him
and teaching him throughout his 4 years in pre-school..
(yup I started him since he was 3 years)
I thought of giving his teachers a gift..
A cross-stich keychain gift to each and one of them.. :)

Will upload the finishing outcome later.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Cat ~ Finished.

Presenting :
Summer Cat
SAL #3 ~ Margaret Sherry Lovers ~ Group Blog
HIP HIP HOORAY to me.. :)
Here's Summer meeting up with Spring & Autumn
3/4 completed... only one more cat to stich (Winter)..
Can't wait for all the cats to be this is my 1st ever SAL.
Am glad to found the Margaret Sherry Lover's Group Blog, as I
 am able to meet new wonderful friends from all over the world..
get new aspiring & inspiring ideas
in finishing up all cross-stichings..
Would love to thank Nia for creating this blog...and accepting
me to join it. Thanks..muaahh..