Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amin and Cross Stiching

Kids will always be curious.
Amin too.. has been bugging me to teach him cross stiching.
Haha..yes, Amin.
So, yesterday I gave him some extra cross stich cloth,
some pattern to choose.. and he was ready
and very eager to learn.
Cloth, threads, hoop & pattern all set
Amin chose to stich a "Watermelon"..
First attempt in putting in the thread thru the needle.. :)

 Looking good.. Amin has talent

I mark the cloth with white color pencil, so that Amin knows where to stich.

Five minutes of stiching, here's the result

Not bad.

After 10 minutes, Amin gave up and only finished this lot.
Amin said he's tired and will continue

Good work for a 1st timer.. don't you think.




  1. good job! even i can't stitch...

  2. Lina,

    I can teach you tooo... :)