Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Cat ~ Finished.

Presenting :
Summer Cat
SAL #3 ~ Margaret Sherry Lovers ~ Group Blog
HIP HIP HOORAY to me.. :)
Here's Summer meeting up with Spring & Autumn
3/4 completed... only one more cat to stich (Winter)..
Can't wait for all the cats to be this is my 1st ever SAL.
Am glad to found the Margaret Sherry Lover's Group Blog, as I
 am able to meet new wonderful friends from all over the world..
get new aspiring & inspiring ideas
in finishing up all cross-stichings..
Would love to thank Nia for creating this blog...and accepting
me to join it. Thanks..muaahh..  



  1. you're doing a great job sweetie =)
    and you're on time, so super
    can't wait to see your last cat and your finish
    MS lovers blog is suuuuuuuper =)
    It's great you came and joined us
    hugs from France
    Happy stitching

  2. Thanks Valma,

    Can't wait on your finish too.. hugs.

  3. Comel!!
    Seronok buat SAL ni, sebab tambah semangat nak siapkan projek, berbanding buat sorang-sorang. :)

  4. TQ Yati.
    First time join SAL.. byk dpt kawan baru dan mmg seronok buat xstich sama2..