Tuesday, February 26, 2013

United at Last!!

At last, my sis Ida & Naqib got married on
 23rd Feb 2013.
Congrats to both of you.. May you guys have
 wonderful years together &
with cute kiddos on the way..hihi
Hmmm, I told you guys that I won't be stiching last week..
However, my fingers were just iching to stich. ;P
This little white bird came flying by alone..

Then came another white bird..

Now they are united..together and forever..

A wedding card for my sis.

Pattern from : "365 crosstich design for 2013"
Completed : 23/2/2013 at 2am.
Stich time : 4 hours ~ 14ct aida


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cross-stich Updates

My cross-stich updates that I managed to
squeeze in during the long CNY break.

Thor from the Avengers' project ~ DONE!
"Captain America & Thor"
Back stiching the flowers and basket.
Still in progress....

Up-close on the flowers..
I had to undo and redo the backstiches.. my eyes were
going crazy with the chart and pattern.. grrrr haha
And not forgetting my SAL #3 ~ Winter Cat
Not much of a cat yet..hihi
but it's getting there.
As for my alphabeth superheroes...errr... I had miscounted the
placing of A - Aquaman and B - Batman!! :p
I had proceeded stiching with the letter C, when I
realised that the letter B is way off from A.
Aiyaiyai!! So, I need to take out the stiches for B and redo back..
OR just redo all back in another cloth.
Will see..as I am soo lazy to take the stiches all out again. :p
Hope you guys have a wondering stiching this week.
I can't stich this week as my sis Ida is getting married. Busy busy weekend for me.

CNY 2013

Happy Chinese New Year to my
Chinese bloggers.. :)
or in Mandarin...
"Xin Nian Kuai Le"
Being half Chinese, as every year.. My family will
go back to Malacca to celebrate it
with my relatives and most of all
my Grandmother (Apoh).. muah muah..
My sis (Lina), Hashim and my Apoh..

** Will upload more pics, once I get a hold of the pics from my hubby...EHEM**

Also brought my kids to Legoland in Nusajaya, Johor..
A short family getaway.. :) as their school are close for a week..yeay!!
I bought the tickets from http://www.sota.travel, a good bargain from the normal
ticket price.. and they deliver the tickets to my door-step..weeee
At Legoland entrance.

Boys will be Boys!!!

The Lego Baker is taller than my Hakim and Aleem..hahaha...
Longest Lego Snake ever....

Till then, Happy Stiching!!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Heather's Stiching Story ~ Giveaway

A Giveaway!!! A Giveaway!!
Heather is generously giving a "Giveaway"
with wonderful charts of
"Little House Needleworks & Country Cottage"
What a giveaway to start the new year with. :)
Hope I am lucky and have a chance to get the giveaway.. haha
You can also join, just go to her blog and enter.
Who knows you might be lucky and win.