Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IHSW July 2013 Update

It's IHSW time again..
I managed to squeeze in some stitching time last Saturday & Sunday. :)
I have so many charts that I want to stitch but need to KIV on it.
My superheroes alphabet is now stuck on the letter "J". :(
My avengers are also been long left behind and stuck to Thor.
Hakim been pestering me to finish it up soon. :p
For now, my mind  and stitching fingers are eager to finish up stitching Home#2.
I'm taking part in DMC's cross stitch competition this year,
and I'm so excited in finishing this piece.
Here's my update on Home#2 :
As at 20th July 2013
Started stitching from here..

Till here :

As at 21st July 2013

I can say that part 1 of 4 is almost 80% complete.
Will need to stitch faster if I want to meet the deadline.. 15th Nov 2013!!

Happy Ramadan & stitching,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exchange Gift

It's the month of Ramadan,
and all Muslims around the world will fast from sunrise to sunset for a month.
It was on the 6th day of fasting that I received my exchange gift..
all the way from Coimbra, Portugal!! Wohooo...yay!!
What a great day to celebrate Ramadan with a special gift.. :)
My lovely friend "Rita" had made me a lovely
box with a porcupine cross-stitched on it.

I had always wanted to stitch this design some day, but now I have it stitched for me.. double yay!!
"My Favourite Things"
embossed on a lovely card inside the box

 * red envelope ~ cross-stitch threads
* blue envelope ~ ribbon strips & pegs
* white pouch ~ buttons
* pink pouch ~ items for scrapbooking
A lovely postcard!! :)
Coimbra ~ That's where Rita is from.

And also Rita gave me a nice letter. :)
I guess Rita likes polka dots, as all her gifts are mostly in polka dots!!
So, I take the liberty also to take the pictures of my gifts with a polka dot background..hihi.

Thanks Rita for the lovely gift. Hope to hear more from you.



MS Lovers Blogversary Exchange

MS Lovers Blogversary Exchange!!
I decided to join in the FUN this time to exchange
my hand-made cross stitch with my fellow
friends in Margaret Sherry Lovers blog.
Nia, the head organizer and founder of this blog
organized exchanges yearly.
This year she organizes 4 exchanges :
(a) Easter Exchange
(b) Blogversary Exchange
(c) Halloween Exchange
(d) Christmas Exchange
This was my 1st Exchange ever, and I had been assigned to
give my parcel to Noni from Australia.
Delighted as can be, I stitched up my MS pattern and here is
the end result :)
A Joyful Porcupine Ballerina
(isn't it cute?)

This pattern was then transferred and I finished it into a
small pouch/bag. It was my very first attempt, "Hand sewn".

In all exchanges, we are required to give 4 gifts together with
our hand-made cross stitch.
I included some momento from Malaysia as well to Noni,
"The Petronas Twin Tower".
 It's the tallest building here in Malaysia,
soaring to a height of 451.9 metres and with 88-storeys.

Other gifts I slot in for Noni was some cute bear pegs,  a pair of butterflies,
some colourful tapes,
 a pink tin to put in her knick knacks (threads, needles, buttons, etc..),
and Oh! A bar of chocolate...notepad.
Hihihi.. Noni, please don't bite the chocolate bar, ok?!!

I'm glad that my parcel arrived safely to Noni.
Hope she enjoys it!
 updated 22/7/2013 : to read Noni's post on my parcel to her, read here. :D


Monday, July 8, 2013

Home 2 ~ First Update

Remember about DMC Cross-stitch Competition?
Well, you can back track to my previous post here.
I decided to open both of the charts :)
I wanted to do HOME 1 design actually...
when I saw the chart, there was stitching with 2 strands, 1 strand
Oppsiee.. I am not good in French knots.
I opted to HOME 2 design.. :P
Well, Home 2 has stitching with 2 strands, I strand and half stitch..
not so challenging huh???
but it's ok for me.

Chart, threads, 2 needles + 14ct aida fabric in a set
 This is my progress so far :)

As at 5th July 2013

Not much of a progress. Can't really see the tea cup yet, only a handle.
I was nervous and shaking to stitch..hehe.
As this is to submit for a competition, your mind keep telling
you to stitch properly and tidy. I feel like a

Till the next update,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Superheroes Alphabet Update #2

My Superheroes Alphabet Update #2.
I had finished stitching "I" and "J" last weekend. :)
"I" ~ Ironman
"J" ~ Jean Grey
Done A ~ J (16 more to go)
2 rows completed, 3 more rows to go.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DMC Cross-stitch Competition

I opened my Facebook yesterday and got
a notification from my sis Ida..
"Hey, there's a DMC Cross-stitch competition!! Go and join!"
I was like "OMG. WAAHHHH!"
I looked up the link, and my local store Mayfair Handicraft
was selling the kits. Oh my, super excited.
You can look up their Facebook at
The kits are sold at RM69.90 per set including threads,
aida 14ct cloth, 2 needles and chart. You can chose either Home 1 or Home 2.
Closing date is on the 15th Nov 2013.
Once finished, just sent it to Mayfair together with the entry form
and they will sent in your entry to DMC for you.
All finished cross-stitch will be return back to you..don't worry.
I went yesterday to Mayfair to look at the charts. Both were so beautiful..
more of an English look design and I couldn't decide which one to buy.
Well, in the end I bought both charts. hihi..
If I can't finished it, I guess I can just stitch it for fun. YAY!!
I'm trying my luck to enter.. just hope that I have time to stitch..erk.
Happy Stitching & Good luck,