Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IHSW July 2013 Update

It's IHSW time again..
I managed to squeeze in some stitching time last Saturday & Sunday. :)
I have so many charts that I want to stitch but need to KIV on it.
My superheroes alphabet is now stuck on the letter "J". :(
My avengers are also been long left behind and stuck to Thor.
Hakim been pestering me to finish it up soon. :p
For now, my mind  and stitching fingers are eager to finish up stitching Home#2.
I'm taking part in DMC's cross stitch competition this year,
and I'm so excited in finishing this piece.
Here's my update on Home#2 :
As at 20th July 2013
Started stitching from here..

Till here :

As at 21st July 2013

I can say that part 1 of 4 is almost 80% complete.
Will need to stitch faster if I want to meet the deadline.. 15th Nov 2013!!

Happy Ramadan & stitching,



  1. sure you'll be on time =)
    you did a good progress and this stitching is lovely
    so sweet colours !
    well done
    happy stitching sweetie

    1. yup, I hope to be on time.. any chance of free time I'll stitch a little.

      Can't stitch much when you have a 2yo running around. lol.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I love your Heroes alphabet!!
    So great, My son would love that too
    Beautifull stitching

  3. Fara,
    good luck masuk competition DMC tu, you can do it!
    Selamat hari raya. :)

  4. Hi Fara,

    I'm also participating in the competition but I might not make it as I'm still on the 2nd page. Anyway, I'm also stitching HOME 2 and the polka dots you did were in blue (or it was just because of the lighting)? Mine, if I'm not mistaken were green. I'm using 598, no.9 on the thread sorter. What number are you using?

    I'm so sorry to be such a busybody. I'm just wondering if I made a mistake.

    1. Hi Huey,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yeay, a new friend participating... let's enjoy the fun!!

      Yes, I did a mistake with the polka dots. It should be in green. I had re-stitched it already to the correct colour.

      I am now on my 2nd page also. I had took a long break due to my morning sickness. :P