Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DMC Cross-stitch Competition

I opened my Facebook yesterday and got
a notification from my sis Ida..
"Hey, there's a DMC Cross-stitch competition!! Go and join!"
I was like "OMG. WAAHHHH!"
I looked up the link, and my local store Mayfair Handicraft
was selling the kits. Oh my, super excited.
You can look up their Facebook at Maycraft.my.
The kits are sold at RM69.90 per set including threads,
aida 14ct cloth, 2 needles and chart. You can chose either Home 1 or Home 2.
Closing date is on the 15th Nov 2013.
Once finished, just sent it to Mayfair together with the entry form
and they will sent in your entry to DMC for you.
All finished cross-stitch will be return back to you..don't worry.
I went yesterday to Mayfair to look at the charts. Both were so beautiful..
more of an English look design and I couldn't decide which one to buy.
Well, in the end I bought both charts. hihi..
If I can't finished it, I guess I can just stitch it for fun. YAY!!
I'm trying my luck to enter.. just hope that I have time to stitch..erk.
Happy Stitching & Good luck,

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