Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exchange Gift

It's the month of Ramadan,
and all Muslims around the world will fast from sunrise to sunset for a month.
It was on the 6th day of fasting that I received my exchange gift..
all the way from Coimbra, Portugal!! Wohooo...yay!!
What a great day to celebrate Ramadan with a special gift.. :)
My lovely friend "Rita" had made me a lovely
box with a porcupine cross-stitched on it.

I had always wanted to stitch this design some day, but now I have it stitched for me.. double yay!!
"My Favourite Things"
embossed on a lovely card inside the box

 * red envelope ~ cross-stitch threads
* blue envelope ~ ribbon strips & pegs
* white pouch ~ buttons
* pink pouch ~ items for scrapbooking
A lovely postcard!! :)
Coimbra ~ That's where Rita is from.

And also Rita gave me a nice letter. :)
I guess Rita likes polka dots, as all her gifts are mostly in polka dots!!
So, I take the liberty also to take the pictures of my gifts with a polka dot background..hihi.

Thanks Rita for the lovely gift. Hope to hear more from you.




  1. Wooooooooooo
    I said it already on the MS blog...but this is really Xmas =)
    so many great gifts Rita sent you, and of course a very lovely stitching
    this little box is so sweet
    I'm happy you enjoyed your first exchange with us =D
    I hope you will join us often :)
    big hugs from France

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Yes I enjoyed joining in the exchange ;).
      Will definitely join again.