Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Heroes

 I had put on hold stiching "The Cool Cats ~ Winter"..
I have turn to stich this instead.. :P
Captain America
This I have done from the Marvel Avengers kit.
Next on the list is Thor.
And also to add into my to do list :
All of this kit can be purchased from http://kitschydigitals.com/.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keychain Updates

Remember I told you guys I
was going to update my keychain process..
Well here it is :

(This was for Mrs. Kroon)
Glued the finished x-stich pattern and initials
to a piece of paper..coloured paper should be better..
Cut it out after the glue is dry
Some patterns and initials done
The rest are for Hakim's teachers...
Tadaaa... Handmade Keychains..
Finished products - front view

Finished products - Back view.
Very happy that all turn out great.
Double Yeay for me!!

A Thank You Card

Made this Thank You card cum
X'Mas card for Mrs. Kroon.

She's Amin & Hakim piano teacher.
She'll be going back to Sri Lanka
for X'mas, so I stiched this card
for her and also gave a
butterfly key-chain (upload in next post) as an X'mas gift.
Hope you like it Mrs. Kroon.

November Highlights

Been long since my last update.
November has gone and I just realize that
I didn't update anything in November.
To sum up all highlights in November
10/11/12 ~ My Sis Ida ~ Engagement Party
Venue : My House
Some pix taken from the event:
The boys' side with the gifts
My sis with her future mother-in-law
My siblings
(the deco on the tray gifts was done by my brother-in-law)
Thumbs Up
The 4 of us.
14/11/12 ~ Off I went to Beijing, China for my company trip.
I brought along my hubby, Hashim and my sister in law (Sue)
What fun we had there, visited Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square,
but best of all we visited "The Great Wall".. and it snowed.

My very first time encountering snow.. waahhh.. and the
weather there was freaking cold..
Hashim posing in one of the Palace walls in Forbidden City.

Great Wall.. amazing
Excited touching snow for the 1st time.. Hahaha
24/11/12 ~ Hakim's Graduation from Preschool &
School Concert

Hakim & Aleem
So many activities in a month!! Whew.. my life is full..
Now next to DECEMBER!!
Hugs & kisses,