Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keychain Updates

Remember I told you guys I
was going to update my keychain process..
Well here it is :

(This was for Mrs. Kroon)
Glued the finished x-stich pattern and initials
to a piece of paper..coloured paper should be better..
Cut it out after the glue is dry
Some patterns and initials done
The rest are for Hakim's teachers...
Tadaaa... Handmade Keychains..
Finished products - front view

Finished products - Back view.
Very happy that all turn out great.
Double Yeay for me!!


  1. Hi, this is a very good gift idea! Can you tell me where I can get the keychain? Is it difficult to affix the design onto the keychain?

  2. Hi Zurainny,

    Nice of you to drop by. Well, you can purchase the keychains from here -> http://craftydivassecret.blogspot.com

    I have visited your blog.. Also a crosstich addict yeah..
    Happy stiching. :)

  3. Thanks a lot for the info & for visiting my blog. I hope to be ready before the coming Teacher's Day.