Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cross-stich Updates

My cross-stich updates that I managed to
squeeze in during the long CNY break.

Thor from the Avengers' project ~ DONE!
"Captain America & Thor"
Back stiching the flowers and basket.
Still in progress....

Up-close on the flowers..
I had to undo and redo the backstiches.. my eyes were
going crazy with the chart and pattern.. grrrr haha
And not forgetting my SAL #3 ~ Winter Cat
Not much of a cat yet..hihi
but it's getting there.
As for my alphabeth superheroes...errr... I had miscounted the
placing of A - Aquaman and B - Batman!! :p
I had proceeded stiching with the letter C, when I
realised that the letter B is way off from A.
Aiyaiyai!! So, I need to take out the stiches for B and redo back..
OR just redo all back in another cloth.
Will I am soo lazy to take the stiches all out again. :p
Hope you guys have a wondering stiching this week.
I can't stich this week as my sis Ida is getting married. Busy busy weekend for me.

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