Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IHSW Oct'13

It was IHSW Oct'13 last week (18th - 20th Oct).
I managed to do some stitching in between of doing
laundry, sending the kids to their piano class,
cleaning the house and etc etc...
I stitched up another 3 little monster on the bib.
Little baby is still in mum's (Adah) tummy, we are all
waiting for him to come out soon.
I am also waiting for the name of the baby, then I can stitched
up his name on the bib.
Also, I have received an order from my lil sis Ida.
She wanted me to stitch a wedding gift for her friend.
Actually she wanted me to stitched 2 loving couple cats,
but I can't find any charts with cats but bears instead.
My lovely fb friend Huey, have given me the chart and
I am in the midst of stitching it.
Dateline is on the 1st week of Nov. Yikes!!
As for my Home#2 ?? No progress so far.
I am still at the 2nd page, still stuck at the teacup.
There are too many whites, and I got fed up stitching it.
I think I need a breather from it.
Have to gear up on my momentum back to finish it. ;p
The dateline have been postponed to the end of Dec.
Well, hope all of you had a great IHSW this month.


  1. beautifull pieces your working on

  2. Cute bib! Wow! That is a tall order for November. Cheering you on!

  3. The bears are cute - couple tu mesti suka. Bib tu pun comel & kemas... kerja tangan saya selalunya crumpled teruk... :D

  4. very pretty projects :)
    happy (fast ) stitching on your wedding gift :)
    can't wait to see the finish piece