Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heaven And Earth Design

Heaven And Earth Design (HAED)
is having a 25% off Memorial Day Sales until 2nd June 2013.
Yeah.. it's a SALE SALE SALE...
And I managed to pick-up 2 charts from the sales..
My fave is Jane Wooster Scott.
My charts that I had purchased was :
As Good As It Gets
(pic courtesy from HAED 's website)
Candied Apples and Candy Corn
(pic courtesy from HAED 's website)
I'm over the moon right now...but I don't know when will
I start stitching these pieces.
 More loads to my stitching list..hihi..
Anyway, go and check out HAED's website, you
might also like other artist's pattern.
Happy stitching,

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