Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept IHSW & Home#2 Update

Well well well...
It's been a long silence from me here.. well almost a month
I can say.
The morning sickness this time really kicked
hard on me.. I was having bad flu, and nausea and vomiting..
Had to keep away from cross stitching too as my head was pounding
and I had no mood to even look at charts and threads.
Oooo..pity me :P
But now I'm feeling better!! Yeay!!
And I can continue with my Home#2 DMC cross stitch.
I had started off from here for this month's IHSW :-
And here is my progress so far :

Part 2 of 4 is almost finished!!

Hope everyone had a good IHSW this month.




  1. wow, you did a great progress =)
    those colours are really lovely !
    I hope you'll feel better now, the first weeks are really hard it seems... =)
    big hugs

  2. Beautiful stitching!! Hope you feel better now :)

  3. Oh Fara, so sorry to hear that you have had a hard time with morning sickness so far... And the flu as well!!! Good to hear that you are getting back on track though and stitching again :)
    Great progress on your WIP
    Hugs xx

  4. Wonderful progress and beautiful stitching! (((HUGS))) to you on the morning sickness. My youngest sister's first child is due on my birthday... which is in a couple weeks.

  5. What a wonderfull progress!!
    Really beautifull!!!

  6. Very romantic design! Take your time & take care of your health ya! :D Thanks for visiting my Precious Crafts...

    1. Thanks!! Tak nak join in ke DMC Competition?? Closing date extended until end Dec 2013. Still have time!!