Monday, December 9, 2013

November updates

Yuuhuuu!! WOW! It's the month of December now.
Just a few more days and we are off to 2014!!
How time flies. Sorry for the long hiatus.. many things have
occurred during November. Some good and some bad ones.
#1 ~ It was my company's trip. Off we all went to the
The kids had the time of their life..
swimming in the man-made pool, and waves and slides.
And also the hot springs pool.. uuuu how relaxing.
And the highlight of the day was the lucky draw.
I WON big time!!
I got the Sony NEX-3 camera & Sony 42inch TV!!


#2 ~ Someone broke-into our house.
Eeek!! I woke in the middle of the night at 2.50am,
and saw someone was in my room!!
OMG! I was screaming at him and he quickly took my handbag.
My hubby however was working late and I was left alone
with the kids. Can you imagine my terror!!
Luckily he didn't harm us, I quickly called my hubby to come home.
Police came with the security guarding our area, but the culprit wasn't
caught however!!
I went to stay with my in-laws for 2 weeks after that.
Trauma trauma trauma!!
#3 ~ Kids were sick, so was I.
The kids were sick one after the other! Oh my!
Tonsilitis, cough, flu and high fever!
But after they were all right, I was next!
And it hit me real hard, I had the sinus and my head was pounding like mad!
It wasn't easy being sick and pregnant at the same time.. believe me.

Oh, sadly to say that I Gave up on finishing my Home#2.
Due to all the things happen, I just don't have the mood
to join in the competition. However,
I will take my time to finish it up and put it in my house.
Sigh!! Good luck to those who enters.

#4 ~ My 3rd son graduation.
Aleem finally graduated from pre-school.
Will need to get the photos from my hubby.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time stitching.
Till then,


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  1. ho my ! I can understand your terror !
    fortunately that rascal didn't hurt you
    congrats to Aleem and on your great winning too =D
    there can't always be bad news...