Thursday, February 27, 2014

IHSW ~ Feb 2014

I'm late in posting this month's IHSW.
Busy busy month for me as I'm towards
my 8month of pregnancy and I have to finished up
my accounts work quickly before I go on maternity leave.
March is always a crucial month for me, as the
auditor will come and audit my work.
So, ok done with office work.
I did manage to squeeze in some "me" time last week.
My kids went out with their aunties and I was left alone.
A great time to relax without the headache and noise
from the kids... a lovely weekend to hermit
at a corner and stitch stitch stitch. Yay!!
Here's an update on my superheroes alphabet, progressing slowly.
Hope to finished it before I pop!
Hope you guys had a lovely IHSW!!


  1. I didn't knew you were pregnant!! So fantastic! I wish you the best!;)
    Great stitches you didi!:)

  2. almost done =)
    you've done a great progress and it's really great
    cross fingers everything goes well at work
    take care

  3. Wah...dah dekat time pulak, macam kawan kita Nia, kan? All the best to you and baby, semoga mudah bersalin dan baby & mummy sihat wal'afiat ya. Amiin.

  4. A fantastic alphabet. Hope you are well (perheps already with a little one in your amrs:).