Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cross Stiching After 4 Years

I started cross-stiching again one day after 4 years of leaving it. My 3 boys were at my mother's place for a sleepover.. and I was soo bored. Hubby was at his Art Studio finishing his artworks.. so, here I was at home ALONE.

Nothing shown on TV was for my liking..and also can't sleep... I thought I could relax as my kids were away.. Being pregnant at 7 months.. I could need the rest though.

However, everything seems nothing else I could do, when I remembered my cross stich. I still have an unfinished cross stich that I have left it for 4 years. Same age as my youngest for now.
Will try to finish it ASAP. Will upload a picture of it later...

Till then, love always

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