Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Four Ballet Bears

I have stitched this 4 Ballet Bears for a long time.......I couldn't remember when but I think it was 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my eldest son Amin.

I thought of putting it in his room, but however... soon have forgotten about it.......and I was waiting until I get a baby girl of my own. That will be perfect in a girls' room instead of a boy right?

Now my eldest is 7 years old..who is more into Ben-10, Power Rangers and Transformers. Same goes to my 2 more sons Hakim and Aleem. And also now I'm expecting another BOY (as what my gynae says).... I guess it is better to give it to my niece Aleesya. She's 2 years and it will be just perfect for her.

My 4 Ballet Bears .....

And my niece Aleesya. Smiling happily with her gift.. (Ask Mommie to frame it for you okay..)

Love always,

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