Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Egg Coloring Contest

1 Mont Kiara held an Easter Egg Coloring contest during the school holidays.

It was open to kids and adults. My kids decided to join together
with their aunties and uncles.. just for the fun of it. Eventhough we don't celebrate
Easter, it was just a fun activity to be creative
and an enjoyable day for them.
Here are some pictures of their creative artworks and design:-
(Pics coutesy from my sis-in-law)

Decorated by : Jasmine
My 3 year old niece.. hihi

Decorated by : Hidayah
My sis-in-law

Decorated by : AMIN eldest son..
very into superheroes!!

Decorated by : Marissa
My 6 year old niece

Decorated by : Salihin
My bro-in-law

Decorated by : Syuhadah
My sis-in-law.

Well, all have done a good job. Results are this Sunday 7th April 2013.
I heard that the organizers had call my sis-in-law
about their Easter eggs. Maybe they won?
Will have to wait this Sunday to find out.
** Update**
Syuhadah Won 1st prize
Salihin Won 2nd prize
Hidayah got the consolation prize
Not bad huh?!! However, none of the kids got any..

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