Thursday, April 18, 2013

IHSW ~ International Hermit & Stitch Weekend

I have finally joined IHSW for this month. Am really excited and I
found about it from a friend (precious crafts) who's also
a cross-stich addict like me.
IHSW means :
(taken from here)
* International Hermit and Stitch Weekend
* Takes place every 3rd weekend of each month.
* It's a time set aside to stitch as much or as little as your time permits,
on whatever you like, and however you like.
* You can stitch as many different projects as you like.
* Post pictures of your weekend on your blog the following Monday (or Tuesday).

It's a way to cross-stitch together with all cross-stich lovers, and also a
chance to get to know all of them.
Can't wait for this weekend, if time permits..there's a lot of wip
 that need to be
Happy stitching,


  1. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for stopping by. I did get a little stitch done.